Rainy days with kids

Wherever you go, there’s always a chance that your trip might be broken up with a day or so of rain. Whilst there’s plenty to do in the house with books, DVDs, Amazon Fire, toys and games for the family, as well as the bar billiards table, if you’re away with young children the chances are you’re going to want a break at some stage.

JR Zone – Newport

This is a great soft play in an industrial estate in Newport. For a softplay it’s a relatively ok place to spend some time (tip: check out the upstairs) while the kids go bonkers on the softplay. Kids up to about nine years old  love it. They also run special activities throughout the year so it’s well worth checking out their website to see what they’ve got going on.

Sandown Pier

This is a proper amusement arcade, with slot machines, noise and flashing lights. In the middle of the whole thing is an indoor crazy golf which is quite fun and two very rudimentary bowling lanes. Definitely one for the older kids – age 7+.

Butterfly World

This is on the way back towards Fishbourne in a garden centre type place. You walk through a covered ornamental garden set up, which has Coy Carp you can feed at certain times in the day – they come right up to your hand and take the food out. The Butterfly Garden is a big marquee full of Butterflies, a bit like a mini version of Wisley or Kew when they have the butterflies in the greenhouses. It’s ok for about an hour but isn’t a full day out. That said, the girls loved it.

Newport Cinema

Cineworld, Newport, Isle of Wight. If you book online make sure you get the right Newport!