A week in the Isle of Wight – Day 2 – Carisbrooke Castle

Yesterday the kids picked up a leaflet about spooky goings on at a haunted castle. The English Heritage have a few properties on the island and they put on some great events at key times of year. Halloween is a special event at Carisbrooke Castle so we decided to head down there to see what was going on.

It’s foundations dating back to c1000, Carisbrooke Castle has been providing protection from the island, and England from attacks from the Vikings, Normans and Spaniards, has been a king’s prison and a royal summer residence. It has a Norman keep, Chapel, landscaped gardens, museum, tea-room and resident donkeys. All of that and they still put on a great Halloween arts and crafts workshop as well as a Spooky tales performance from their two resident story tellers. It was a great day out and the kids had a fab time.

A chilly, happy crowd back to Ventnor, we dumped the cars and went straight out for a family friendly meal at The Spyglass Inn where the specials are special and the beer is just the right temperature.


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