A week in the Isle of Wight – Day 1 – Ventnor

There are so many things to do in the Isle of Wight, but with so much choice how do you decide what to do when you’re over? We’ve spent the half term working out exactly that and we’re going to share our itinerary day by day. Here’s Day 1:

Get your bearings. We arrived in Fishbourne and drove straight down to Ventnor to claim our house. Once we’d unpacked we headed to the sea-front, walking down the high street, checking out potential places to eat and drink on the way. Two very likely contendors are La Cantina and Tramezzini.

We also pass the local greengrocer and butcher’s where we later return to pick up bits and pieces for our stay.

Reaching the top of the bay we stop at Besty & Spinky’s for a late lunch and the kids play in the Isle of Wight shape paddling pool.

An after lunch stroll up and down the beach before we head back up the hill into town to buy provisions. When we get back to the house the kids have a wild time in the garden, on the trampoline and emptying all the toys from the cupboards. We let them stay up late and for a treat we decide that instead of cooking we’ll have a curry on our first night. The delivery from Red Chilli pleases everyone, the kids loving their Biryani, the adults enjoying their usual favourites.


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