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A week in the Isle of Wight – Day 3 – Sandown Pier

Day 3, we’d hoped it was going to be sunny, but no luck, instead it was a cold, drizzly day so we decided to google ‘best things to do in the Isle of Wight on a wet day’. Sandown Pier came up as the ‘No.1 Attraction’ for this kind of weather, so we checked the sides of the sofas, raided the change jar and headed down to Sandown.

There is parking along the sea front but there are also a couple of car parks just set back into the town centre. We ended up in the one by the Conservative club. A short walk down to the pier and we were there – in the arcade of flashing lights, nylon prizes and slot machines. We’d had the foresight to visit Cantina on the way for a late brunch so were ready to take on The Lost World adventure golf. It was great fun for an hour, we went round in two groups of 4, the littlest won the highest score, and the oldest won the lowest score. It was definitely the highlight of the visit.

The pier also boasts a soft play area for under twelves and a few bowling lanes (just to manage expectations). Of course we were visiting off season, in the summer the end of the pier is open complete with rides and slides and the beach – talk about miles of soft white sand.

For dinner we enjoyed a well-earned meal out at The Bonchurch Inn where the life changing lasagne was… well… let’s see shall we?